Kind Words

Anastasia is an amazing doula!

The Process: We had a great introductory phone meeting where we shared values and goals of the pregnancy and delivery. I knew we would be a great fit based on her knowledge of birth and ability to listen to what my partner and I were hoping for in a doula. Prior to the delivery, we met with her to go over the birth plan. She came well prepared and answered all our questions. As most birth stories go, ours went nothing like we had planned (vaginal breech). We notified her right away that we were going to a new hospital over an hour away and she was right there by our side. On the day of we called her as we drove and she showed up at the hospital with a bag of supplies, energized, and ready to help. We had a post-partum follow-up where she continued to offer support and encouragement as I made the transitions into new motherhood.

Her Support: She was very attentive and listened to me as I expressed likes and dislikes during labor. She offered timely suggestions to make me comfortable and worked with the hospital staff to help me have a natural delivery. She stayed by my side for the entire delivery offering both me and my partner support when it was needed. She knew when to back off and when to push me to go further. She has a unique ability to read people and did an excellent job balancing all the emotions in the room. She gave us time as a couple to enjoy the process and was ready and willing when she was needed. She has a calming demeanor that was felt by everyone.

We couldn’t be happier with having Anastasia as part of our story. She was a blessing to our experience and I would highly recommend reaching out to her. Thank you, Anastasia, for all your support!
— Mandy, mother of Baby Thomas
My birth experience with Anastasia was nothing short of awesome. I wasn’t sure that I really needed a doula, but now, I will not have another birth without her. She was there for me every single step of the way offering support and encouragement as well as chapstick, water, food, massage, and essential oils. She was also crucial for my husband’s well being, making sure he got food and rest. My labor was very long and I ended up transferring to the hospital for a C section. Anastasia stayed with us the entire time and would have been in the operating room if they would have let her come in. I remember us both crying after my C section in the recovery room. I had talked with her earlier about how much I didn’t want a C section when we were going over my birth plan. But, that’s the thing about birth... It goes how it will go regardless of your plan...BUT planning on having a doula such as Anastasia was a decision that I could count on and one that I definitely did not regret. I am so thankful to her for her help and kindness before and during my labor and her continued friendship even after the birth of my beautiful son. She is down to earth, intuitive, extremely caring, comforting, and was decisive for me when I needed her to be. (My husband wanted to make her our son’s godmother, but we both have large families with lots of sisters, so that wouldn’t go over well with them...but that’s how great she is!) I highly highly highly recommend her and hope she will be available in a year or so when we try for our second child.
— Amy, mother of Baby Jovani
Anastasia attended my hospital water birth. The baby was breech when we entered the hospital, but the doctor was able to successfully flip her before labor began. The birth progressed rather quickly and so we did not spend a whole lot of time in labor with her, but at the hospital, she anticipated my needs as I realized I had them! Her touch was soothing and she was so supportive. She was fantastic to work with both before and after we had the baby as well. She came to our home and went over my birth plan, then helped with some spinning babies exercises. She treated me as a full person, coaching me in emotional and mental mindsets in addition to physical labor needs. She followed up with us about a week after birth. It was great having someone to talk to who had experienced the birth with us and who could understand where I was coming from with concerns. Anastasia is so empathetic and you know she has a huge heart for babies and their mamas. She is knowledgeable on birth and also on alternative therapies like acupuncture (which I did to try to turn my breech baby). I highly recommend her as a doula and will want to use her for our future births!
— Maia, mother of Baby Elodie