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Anastasia Garcia Minneapolis & Saint Paul Birth Doula
Anastasia Garcia Minneapolis & Saint Paul Birth Doula

It all started with…

My teaching career as an elementary school teacher working in Houston, Texas. Being in a mostly woman dominated field, there was always talk of planning for conception or pregnancy. I celebrated with co-workers who became pregnant after years of trying, planned baby showers for those about to start their maternity leave, and congratulated mamas on the precious baby they brought into the world.

Once the students were on their way home, I sat down with co-workers that needed support as another period had just started and they weren’t pregnant, or others would narrate their birth stories. While some people had a positive birth experience, I found that far too many people had a fairly negative and traumatic birth experience. Supporting these people became the beginning of their healing journey.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my doula journey started in my own classroom.


My husband, our Great Dane Apollo, and I moved to Minneapolis in 2017. We love exploring Minnesota and our amazing Northeast neighborhood. We spend our weekends taking trips to beautiful sights, biking to quaint coffee shops, and finding new restaurants to enjoy.  

Over the past two years, we have found ourselves having a difficult time conceiving our own baby. After 8-12 months of trying passed, I quickly found myself completely overwhelmed by numerous tests, options, and opinions that everyone around me offered. It seemed like everyone else knew what was best for me and I listened without question. We tried everything from acupuncture, to invasive testing at IVF clinics, to meditation and fertility yoga. My days were consumed with Googling every little symptom and feeling devastated each month my period came. I felt incredibly alone and knew that I was not creating the fertile ground that my body needed to create a life inside me.

All of this changed the minute I found support in other women going through this exact journey with me. I found a wonderful Fertility Coach to work with. With this new support, I was able to stop obsessing over every little symptom and live my life again. Truly. I was able to let go of the need to control every outcome and know that everything would be ok.

It has now become my calling and mission to support others going through their own fertility and pregnancy journey.

Doula Training and education:

Certified HypnoBirthing Doula, Health Foundations Birth Center Intern Graduate, DONA-International Birth Doula Training, Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Anastasia Garcia Minneapolis & Saint Paul Birth Doula